Our goal is to develop sensitive, inquiringminds by creating learning environments and activities that promote creativity,develop critical thinking skills, and encourage investigation to find answersand solve problems. We actively seek parents' participation and support intheir children's social, emotional and academic growth.

All ELFA preschools offerspecially-designed programmes to promote children's holistic growth. Theseinclude Creative Art Programme, Emotional Literacy-Shared Reading Programme, Socialand Cultural Education Programme. In addition, ELFA China incorporates aChildren's Music Programme, taught by professional music teachers, to enhanceliteracy development.

Richlearning environments

Tapping on the expertise and experience ofour parent company in early childhood education, preschool management andoperations, ELFA offers conducive indoor and outdoor environments that maximisethe effectiveness of the educational facilities we offer. Distinctive learningspaces  are created to support totalchild development in areas of logical thinking, bilingual literacy, andcreative expression. Outdoor areas and facilities are designed to promotepro-social skills and develop mental and physical agility.